New commercial for Apple Pay Cash released


It's only a matter of time until Apple Pay also appears in Germany. Apple announced the service for this year. And this will appear with a restriction, as you already know from other "Apple Pay" countries. Because currently Apple Pay Cash is offered only in the US and diligently advertised.

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A new commercial therefore takes the usual "dance around the bill" on the bone. There were friends eating together. One of you wanted to take the bill and of course insisted. The other did not agree and send the money via iMessage. It then follows a steady back and forth between the two. It is not the first spot promoting Apple Pay Cash. Already before, there were some interesting and funny videos that Apple released via Instagram and YouTube.

The feature has only been available in the US for a few months (iOS 11.2) and allows you to quickly transfer money to a friend. This is of course similar to PayPal, but in contrast can be sent directly to iMessage and managed via an integrated wallet app. However, only between two Apple users money can be transferred here. In addition, there is the question of whether other countries will receive the extension soon and thus may soon also German users to enjoy this feature, as soon as Apple Pay is also available in this country.

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