New Decade Collection of Beats

Apple apparently wanted to introduce new headphones as part of the WWDC keynote presentation on June 4, or at least in the same breath. Because: Beats by Dr. Dre turns ten years old.

Online retailers reveal new headphones in advance

At least, however, June 4 will be available in some online shops as a date. US retailer Best Buy also promotes Beats’ new headphones from the “Decade Colletion” with delivery date June 4.

Apple will apparently release five new headphones all in the same color combination (lots of black and white) a little red). In addition to the Beats X and PowerBeats3, these are also a Solo3 Wireless and a Studio3 Wireless. And even a new edition of the urBeats3 comes into action.

Beats since 2008

The product photo of the studio version shows, for example, an imprint on the material of the ear cushions. “EST 08” is imprinted there. That stands for “founded in 2008”. And the Studio3 Wireless protective cover also carries a “branding.”

Beats was originally founded in 2006. At the time, the company was cooperating with Monster Cable to provide audio accessories. The first headphone from Beats by Dr. Dre, the original studio headphone, was released in 2008.

It was followed by a busy story. In 2011, HTC bought 51 percent of the shares for $ 309 million. However, a short time later, Iovine and Dre bought back 25.5 percent of HTC. Ownership changed and the ties to monsters were cut off, not noiseless. Until shortly before the sale to Apple, Iovine and Dre in 2013 even the majority shares in the company back. In 2014, iPhone maker Beats took over for $ 3 billion.

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