New design for Snapchat stories is to come

According to Recode Snapchat will soon make great changes of the redesign reversed. The revised design caused many users at the beginning of the year for displeasure. Namely, from the "discover" view, user content was completely banished so that only stories of media companies and celebrities can be seen there. The renewed revision is intended to defuse this circumstance and bring content generated by "normal" users back into the "discover" view.

As you can see in the screenshot, the areas are now displayed separately, with the contents of friends always on upper edge are to be found. Only below are the subscribed channels. In another area, you will receive suggestions based on your habits, allowing you to discover new content and channels.

Snap also made a statement to the potential changes to Recode. It states that one "always listens to the community" and conducts tests to ensure the best possible experience for the users.

Unkar is at the moment, however, if and when, when the new Design will be shared with all users. Not every test is ultimately realized or introduced to the masses. Previously, the company was already experimenting with changes in order and other minor features. However, the tests always took place only in small groups.

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