New details about the G7, the new flagship from LG [ZVON]

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Rumors about the future of the G7 flagship from LG suggested a much more bleak situation than was the case. After the surprise appearance of the G7 Neo at the Mobile World Congress, it seems that the Korean manufacturer is about to launch this model very soon before the summer. The phone could keep the G7 branding, and a G7 Plus could be launched next to it, according to new reports from South Korea.

ETNews, a reputable Korean publication, has published a report that talks about a possible launch of LG G7 in the next two months. A launch in May would be in line with previous rumors suggesting that the new phone will be on the market in the spring. The information we have received in the past suggests that the G and V series will disappear and will be replaced by something new, but the appearance of the MWC 2018 has shown that this is not the case.

LG G7 will be a combination of "new and old" says ETNews. The phone will adopt a new front design with a FullView screen with bangs at the top, but also with the new software capabilities found on the V30S ThinQ, such as AI functions via the new virtual assistant and Q Lens. The design on the back of the phone will not be very different, it will be delivered with the same dual-camera system with an ultra-wide and a normal lens. Inside, however, the LG G7 will integrate a Snapdragon 845 chipset, a 3,000 mAh digital sound amplifier and a 3,000 mAh battery.

It looks like the new design will also come with an increased price. The LG G7 could be launched in the South Korean market at 1,000,000 won, equivalent to 940 US dollars and about 100 dollars more expensive than the V30S. Alongside the LG G7 there will also be a G7 Plus on the market that will probably benefit from a larger display and certainly an increased price

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