New Event Manager Set for WWDC 2018?

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We know that Eddy Cue, like J├╝rgen von der Lippe, likes to wear short-sleeved shirts with garish patterns. But we know the Apple board as a fan of the NBA club Golden State Warriors. Cue can be seen on YouTube in dozens of videos as he regularly lashes out at the sidelines in the audience when it comes to “his” club.

Event Manager for Apple from the NBA

Exactly this Love for sports has apparently led to a “signing up” with the iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino . Instead of serving as chief PR department and event management for the Golden State Warriors, Gail Hunter is now working for Apple. There he is officially “Events Director”.

As such, he also supervises the upcoming WWDC 2018, which will take place at the beginning of June (June 4-8).

Will the WWDC 2018 be an event ?

So it’s natural to ask if Apple’s WWDC 2018 will not be a special event this year? So far, Apple’s presentations have always had the same “charm” and fans knew what they got. But this year we will pay particular attention to whether or not we may deviate from scheme F. To stay with the sport: Do we recognize the handwriting of Gail Hunter?

It may be that he implements above all ideas around the WWDC 2018. It is possible that the visitors of the event notice many changes in addition to the keynote. Since we do not have a glass ball, we can not say that for sure. But in retrospect, changes should have become visible. Otherwise, Apple would not have had to create the new job.

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