New iPad Pro still in the first half of 2018?

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As long as the iPad sells well – it did even better in the end – it is only natural that the manufacturer from Cupertino regularly brings out new model. Rumors are therefore a normality that we are happy to accept.

11-inch iPad Pro?

Apple does not seem to have found the perfect size for the small iPad Pro yet. For now, the Economic Daily News (EDN) again reports about a model of about 11 inches, which is likely to be released to the WWDC.

In fact, there was initially a model with 12.9 inches. This “big” version still exists today. She has experienced an update so far. Later, Apple released a 9.8-inch model, only to release a 10.5-inch version a year later. That Apple once again s.die size screwed? Not impossible. Especially against the background that Apple medium term also with the iPad (Pro) would like to replace the Homebutton and Touch ID by face recognition with Face ID. However, it could just mean an update of the current model.

Update for 12.9 inch model

At the same time EDN claims that Apple would upgrade its 12.9 inch model. Looking at the development of the iPhone X, the manufacturer could simply shrink the big iPad Pro by making the edges narrower and not the display.

No iPhone SE2?

Less good would be the message that Apple wants to publish until the WWDC no new smartphone more. The iPhone SE is now two years old, has a level of performance comparable to the iPhone 6s.

EDN’s reports have not always been accurate in the past. Against the background, it would be interesting to speak for yourself with the sources to which the newspaper refers. Because the message probably represents only one interpretation.

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