New NVIDIA video cards may be featured under the Hot Chips

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NVIDIA launched two years ago the Pascal architecture, which brought a very high performance improvement over Maxwell models. Since then, the range of Pascal-based GeForce video cards has expanded from high-end models to mid-range and entry-level models, as well as premium versions such as Titan Xp and 1080 Ti. However, users expect an upgrade, and the first opportunity to see the new NVIDIA technology could be at the Hot Chips, the annual convention where the company talks about its technology

The Hot Chips official site listed an event called "NVIDIA's Next Generation Mainstream GPU," which it out of the program shortly, suggesting it was an error. On the one hand, it is possible that the conference was listed in error without NVIDIA planning such an event, while NVIDIA may have demanded the deletion of the listing as it relates to still unannounced technology

In the past, NVIDIA introduced its new architectures into the Hot Chips only after they were already announced. Thus, the rumors suggesting a new GPU architecture in July could have a real basis since the Hot Chips presentation was due to take place in August.

Of course, the mere presentation of the technology does not mean that NVIDIA will launch new video cards too soon. In fact, the company prefers to present its new capabilities a long time before launching the launch chain, starting with high-end models, and in time making models more accessible to "gamers."

It is certain that NVIDIA will launch a new generation of video cards sometime in the near future, most likely before the end of 2018.

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