New petition calls for recall for MacBook Pro

On Cha, Matthew Taylor is currently calling all users who are dissatisfied with the revised keyboard of the MacBook Pro to join their petition. In it, he demands that Apple recall a recall for all "MacBook Pro" models from 2016 and equips them with a better keyboard, since the butterfly design of the current series "does not work". In his petition, however, Taylor mentions the 12-inch MacBook with not a syllable, although this also has the same keyboard design or even introduced it.

At the same time, Taylor does not want to oblige all users to have Apple's keyboard repaired. You could summarize it briefly: "If you like the current design, you should like to keep it. All others should receive replacements. "

Ever since its launch in 2015, the butterfly keyboard has been a negative name for itself. While the MacBook primarily targeted occasional users, launching the MacBook Pro a year later was another setback for many professional users. Users complained quickly about stuck keys, unexpected keystrokes, and more. During the warranty period, Apple therefore replaced some of the keyboards, but did not change the design.

While it's unlikely that Apple will launch a petition based on the petition, users may still be able to rethink Apple for future generations so they can address the issues that were previously regulated through simple exchanges .

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