New posts: Apple wants to significantly improve Siri

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After the publication of the HomePod last month, the Siri is in a $ 349 loudspeaker, Apple seems to accelerate the development of the language assistant According to thinknum, jobs for Siri positions at Apple have reached historic highs.

The evaluation by Thinknum indicates that there are currently 161 vacancies that use the term “Siri” in the title or title Description included. That’s 24 percent more than in the previous month.

The overwhelming majority of Siri job listings refer to the Santa Clara Valley at Apple’s new headquarters. 125 of the 161 job offers are located in Apple Park. There are also job offers for San Francisco, Shanghai and Cambridge.

In terms of the individual tasks, it looks like Apple is mainly looking for programmers. 154 jobs relate to development, while there is only one for design, three for product management and three for information systems and technology.

As far as the patterns in the job titles are concerned, the most common title is “Siri – Software Engineer “, of which there are 5 positions. In addition, there are three positions entitled “Siri – iOS Engineer.”

The rest is a hodgepodge of technical skills, from infrastructure engineers to machine learning experts to specialists in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Already about a year ago, researchers investigated various language assistants and tested which of them displayed the most intelligent reactions. The review included Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortana. The interesting thing about the study: It was about the German versions of the assistants. The investigation was carried out by the agency Diva-e and a research group of THW Aalen. The tests took place with questions of varying difficulty. Overall, Amazon’s Alexa was the most successful, followed by Siri and the Google Assistant, who shared second place. the last place is taken by Microsoft’s Cortana.

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