new technology that will increase phone autonomy five times

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As we have come to rely more and more on smartphones, they have become stronger and more capable, and can now replace a whole computer with accessories such as Samsung's DeX. Unfortunately, however, their autonomy does not increase with more advanced capabilities, as lithium-based accumulators are close to the technological limit. A team of Norwegian researchers said they had the solution to improve batteries, promising five times more autonomy

New battery technology has been discovered by a team of Norwegian researchers working in nanotechnology. They already knew that silicon can provide greater autonomy, but the chemical process leads to swelling of the material and much faster loss of maximum energy storage capacity. It seems, however, that a process that uses the old battery foundation, graphite, and a lower concentration of silicon. This seems to be the optimal solution, ensuring both a large storage capacity that avoids the swelling of the batteries.

The technology was called SiliconX and is already under test at Kjeller Innovation, which wants to bring it to the market. However, SiliconX batteries are not dedicated to smartphones. While we would like to have mobile devices with one week's autonomy, other industries such as electric vehicles could also benefit from the new technology

Currently, many companies that provide electric vehicles provide less than 300 km of autonomy, only a few can boast more. Using Silicon X technology, future electric cars could operate over 1,000 km on a single charge. Thus, this type of vehicle could be more attractive to customers.

Until these batteries are at the disposal of manufacturers, however, we will see lower improvements. We already have top smartphones that can offer about two days of normal use, and this value will increase slightly over the next few years. Then only very expensive devices will benefit from new extended-range batteries. Once the manufacturing process is upgraded and our production costs are down, we will benefit from SiliocnX (or other alternatives) on all mobile devices

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