Next Apple Watch could remove physical buttons


Apple Watch will reach the fourth generation this year, and the company seems to have some changes in design and functionality. If the first three generations were almost identical at a first glance, the new Apple Watch "S4" could give up the physical button it has on the side in favor of a "solid" button that is touch-enabled and responsive haptic, like other devices in the company's portfolio

According to Fast Company, Apple plans to give up Apple's only physical watch button on the next generation. However, the configuration of the buttons remains the same, while the rotating crown will remain unchanged and will retain the same functions. Apple plans to use the Taptic Engine vibrator to simulate the physical response of the button, like the trackpads on the MacBook laptops and the Home button on the iPhone 7 and 8.

Removing the physical button might have some positive effects in other areas of the phone. For example, there would now be a minus item to ruin and require a visit to the service. Also, water resistance could be improved, while extra space released by the mechanism could be occupied by a larger battery.

It is rumored at the same time that Apple Watch will go to new displays based on MicroLED technology this year, which should consume much less energy than the current OLEDs. With a bigger battery and a more efficient screen, Apple Watch could finally guarantee more autonomy than the 18 hours of use it boasted in the last three years

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