Nike + Run Club receives individual cheering calls


Already last October, Nike released an update for the "Nike + Run App" that incorporated audio stimuli. Now you extended the feature to a more personal touch. For the first time, version 5.15.0 brings individual audio stimulation into play. This eliminates the need to rely on Nike's pre-made footage and can now create custom messages for friendly runners to motivate them during their runs or workouts. In addition a short voice recording can now be secured and sent.

In addition to the new feature, the sportswear manufacturer has made further improvements to the app and eradicated some bugs. Incidentally, if you use the app with your Apple Watch, the developer recommends that you install at least watchOS 4.2 or newer on the watch for the best possible result.

This is new in version 5.15.0 :


  • Personalized audio encouragement! Send a short audio recording to cheer and motivate a friend during the run. To receive such motivating encouragements yourself, enable the Nike Run Club Attitudes setting in Run Settings> Audio Feedback.
  • General fixes and enhancements.

Apple Watch

  • General fixes and enhancements.

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