No Apple Watch Edition available anymore

No Apple Watch Edition available anymore

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When Apple introduced the first Apple Watch almost exactly four years ago, the company surprised with the announcement of a premium version. The case of the Apple Watch Edition was made of real gold and could accept a price of up to 20,000 euros. In the Series 2 you rowed back a bit and kept the new ceramic case for the Series 3. With the Series 4, however, Apple seems to have said goodbye.
The Apple Watch Edition has never been cheap.

For the introduction of the first generation of devices, their case was made of gold and cost then between 10,000 and 20,000 euros. Of course, this limited Apple the circle of buyers a lot and this was already noticeable in the second generation. Apple took the gold model from the program and put for the new Apple Watch Edition, a new material that dropped the price.

The ceramic case proved to be extremely stable and especially scratch-resistant. Besides, it bribed of course by the white housing color. Despite the price of an acceptable € 1,399, the edition models found in both the Series 2 and Series 3 probably only a few customers. Yesterday, when the website went online a few minutes after the iPhone XS event and showed the new devices, the evidence for the Apple Watch Edition had almost completely disappeared. Therefore, the new generation has to do without a real premium model.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 1 also cleared the field. As a low-priced entry-level model, Apple now offers the sports version of the Apple Watch Series 3 (Aluminum & Nike +). Thus the Series 3 without LTE starts now with 299 euro, while for the LTE variant 399 euro becomes due.

There is a return for the bracelets. Apple now offers again the modern leather bracelet, which was originally published with the 38 -mm model and later discontinued. Now it is again available in Peony Pink, Forest Green, Cod Blue and as (PRODUCT) RED version for 159 Euro.

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