No iTunes Store Available May for Windows XP / Vista & Apple TV (1st Gen)

On this date, Apple plans to introduce the same new security changes that will prevent older computers from accessing the iTunes Store. Since both Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer even supported by Microsoft and also no current version of iTunes is available, this step only puzzles very few users. Note, however, that the installed iTunes versions remain usable, but can not be supported by Apple or access the iTunes Store.

At the same time, security changes should also affect an Apple device. The innovations should also prevent users of an Apple TV (1st generation) also can not access the iTunes Store. Since the company has declared the first generation of Apple TVs obsolete in 2015, this step forward is not all of a sudden. Because of the support you have set, the device will not be updated to support the changes. As of May 25, only Apple TVs from the second generation can reach the iTunes Store.


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