No Wonder Nancy Is Nervous – Her Son, Pelosi Jr.’s Oil Company Employed Russians To Influence Politicians

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Nancy Pelosi’s child Paul Pelosi Jr. was a board individual from the vitality organization Viscoil Holdings and an official at its related organization NRGLab, which did vitality business in Ukraine. House speaker Nancy Pelosi showed up with her child Paul in a limited time video which was discharged by NRGLab in 2013 around the same time the organization advanced its new arrangement in Ukraine.

Presently, recently uncovered records show that Viscoil utilized Russians to build up “contacts with government authorities and key players in the oil and gas industry,” and to develop a “system of noticeable contacts including lawmakers, permitting organization’s rise into significant level political field.”

Viscoil was enlisted to a Moscow-based Russian named Sergey Sorokin and David Strawn, a colleague of George W. Hedge and Jeb Bush’s cousin John Ellis.

A representative for Nancy Pelosi has affirmed that Pelosi Jr. was a board individual from Viscoil, and guaranteed in an ambiguous articulation that Viscoil collapsed and Pelosi Jr. was not associated with the re-established business element. However, records uncover that Viscoil worked persistently at any rate from 2010-2013, and Pelosi Jr. was a well-archived official of NRGLab, which ingested Viscoil and its innovation. The representative said that Viscoil was centered around U.S. business during Pelosi Jr’s. residency, yet records show Viscoil arranging global business remembering for Brazil.

Also, Pelosi Jr. made a trip to Ukraine in 2017 to meet with Ukraine government authorities, probably to examine a “young soccer” activity. Pelosi Jr. was speaking to his organization the Corporate Governance Initiative and he touted an underwriting from the World Sports Alliance, a blamed precious stone mining trick which was controlled by his companion and partner Asa Saint Clair who has been charged by the Department of Justice for wire misrepresentation in association with the World Sports Alliances’ digital money trick.

LinkedIn records show the degree of Viscoil political impact selling utilizing Russian representatives. The resident scientist who can be found on Twitter at @_IREDEEMABLES contributed examine for this report.

Daria Zelenkova, who proceeded to get her M.B.A. from Moscow State Institute of International Relations, worked for Viscoil Holdings from May 2012 to December 2014. During her residency at Viscoil, Zelenkova “Built up contacts with government authorities and key players in the oil and gas industry.”

Oksana Kurki joined Viscoil’s New York City office in 2010. Kurki holds a Master’s qualification in business and the travel industry the board from Moscow State University of Service. Kurki joined Viscoil legitimately from her past activity in Moscow. During her profession at Viscoil, Kurki “Developed system of conspicuous contacts including government officials, permitting organization’s rise into significant level political field.”

Paul Pelosi Jr. held top situations with the vitality segment organizations Viscoil Group and NRGLab, which did vitality business in Ukraine.

Thusly, Pelosi Jr. was a board individual from an organization — Viscoil — enrolled to a Russian national situated in Moscow.

On March 5, 2013, NRGLab New Technology posted two recordings on Youtube. One video opened with a clasp of Nancy Pelosi examining vitality effective innovation, trailed by a direct-to-camera explanation from her child Paul Pelosi Jr., recorded in Washington, D.C. in 2010.

President Donald Trump has communicated worry about Pelosi Jr’s. professional interactions with Viscoil and NRGLab and requested answers from the Democrat House speaker.

Journalist Patrick Howley, who broke the Pelosi Jr. scandal, appeared on One America News with Chanel Rion to discuss the scoop:

“My name’s Paul Pelosi. Obviously I’m on the leading group of Viscoil. Also, Viscoil is here today to discuss quickening what’s to come. It’s tied in with utilizing vehicles in a progressively effective way. It’s tied in with using regular assets, regardless of whether it be power, or gas, or petroleum products in an increasingly proficient way. What’s more, Viscoil is a piece of that arrangement,” Paul Pelosi Jr. said in the special video.

“That is the thing that Viscoil does. It uses innovation to expand the utilization of characteristic assets, similar to oil and different assets,” Pelosi Jr. said.

“Paul Pelosi Jr. is an individual from supervisory group of Viscoil Group of Companies and NRGLab. Paul Pelosi Jr. is keen on growing clean vitality that can supplant gas and diesel as transportation fuel sources,” read the portrayal on the video.

Another video posted that equivalent day affirmed that NRGLab was working in Ukraine.

“Walter Afanasieff, Brandon Stone, Mika Newton and different craftsmen are effectively engaged with advancing the spotless innovation of Viscoil Group of Companies and NRGLab. For instance, Mika Newton assisted with tying down the rights to manufacture a plant for the generation of SH-encloses Ukraine,” read the depiction of a NRGLab and Research Council video.

Mika Newton, who facilitated NRGLab’s arrangement in Ukraine, is a Ukrainian-conceived vocalist. Newton spoke to Ukraine in the 2011 Eurovision tune challenge:


A 2013 meeting with NRGLab’s lead specialist Zeev Drori revealed that NRGLab was supported by natural businessperson Ana Shell, who expounds on Ukraine vitality issues on her blog. In the meeting, Drori talked about gas age strategies in Ukraine.

“Presently, Ana Shell Fund likewise give funds and backing to prep skilled artistes like Mika Newton, a Ukrainian vocalist who spoke to Ukraine in the Eurovision tune challenge in 2011,” detailed a 2013 meeting with Ana Shell, alluding to the artist who handled the S-H enclose bargain Ukraine.

“In a word, SH-boxes are earth inviting generators which utilizes the utilization of poly-gem innovation to creating power from natural warmth. With the SH-boxes, power could be created all the more effectively and neatly at a lower cost,” the meeting with Ana Shell notes.

NRGLab’s site expresses that the organization is situated in Singapore and notes, “The organization’s extra tasks incorporate a vital association and speculation from Viscoil Holdings to reuse squander materials into eco-accommodating diesel fuel. NRGLab has acquired a restrictive permit for the Viscoil Technology for the South East Asian area for every single crude material.”

Ana Shell has denied that Paul Pelosi Jr. was legitimately engaged with the arrangement to sell SH-confines the district. A representative for Speaker Pelosi affirmed that Paul Pelosi Jr. worked for the organizations being referred to and said that the element was later reconstituted and that Pelosi Jr. was not engaged with the reconstituted substance, however gave no points of interest. Viscoil has been re-established a few times. Pelosi’s representative didn’t deny that Pelosi Jr. worked together in Ukraine.

Neither Shell nor Speaker Pelosi’s office have given any documentation to show the dates or the degree of Pelosi Jr’s. well-archived contribution with both Viscoil and NRGLab. NRGLab still recognized Pelosi Jr. on YouTube as an official on the day it advanced its Ukraine bargain.

Viscoil Holdings is as of now suspended by the California Secretary of State. It was enlisted in 2009 to a chief named David Strawn in Escondido, California. Starting at 2010, it recorded two administrators: Strawn and an individual named Sergey Sorokin situated in Moscow, Russia.

Strawn is colleagues at Sand Hills Partners with John Ellis, cousin of Jeb and George W. Hedge, as indicated by SEC archives.

Pelosi Jr’s. ex-friend Karena Feng revealed to National File that Pelosi Jr. conducts remote business while distinguishing himself on the telephone as “Office of Nancy Pelosi.”

Paul Pelosi Jr. helped to establish the organization Natural Blue Resources, which the SEC accused of protections extortion in 2014. In 2017, Pelosi Jr., who has done pot business in Canada, turned into the administrator of the leading group of Freedom Leaf Inc., the Marijuana Legalization Company.

Proof likewise shows Pelosi Jr. abroad working in the People’s Republic of China. An email gave to National File shows Pelosi Jr. guaranteeing that he wanted to come back to China in October 2016, after a past outing there.

In the mean time, Pelosi’s different partners in his professional interactions are going under investigation.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s child Paul Pelosi Jr. visited Ukraine in 2017 to meet with government authorities in association with a business activity. Presently, National File has gained from abroad that Pelosi Jr. was in Ukraine speaking to his business endeavors with Asa Saint Clair, a nearby Pelosi companion and self-distinguished business partner who has been charged by the Department of Justice for wire extortion. Asa Saint Clair is under house capture confronting twenty years in jail.

Video proof demonstrates that Pelosi Jr. was in Ukraine speaking to his Corporate Governance Initiative (CGI) and advancing his underwriting from the World Sports Alliance, which shared administration staff with Pelosi Jr’s. organization CGI.

The World Sports Alliance was Asa Saint Clair’s front gathering that is blamed for running a criminal cryptographic money trick known as “IGObit” just as universal mining tasks remembering for the precious stone rich, wartorn Central African Republic.

Overall SCAM

Paul Pelosi Jr. ventured out to Kiev, Ukraine in July 2017 in his ability as official executive of the Corporate Governance Initiative, a place that he acknowledged months sooner in February 2017. Pelosi Jr. said that he was in Ukraine to examine an adolescent soccer organization with the administration, at that point drove by previous Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko.

The American Mirror, which hailed Pelosi Jr’s. appearance in 2017, saved a clasp of Pelosi Jr. on the Ukrainian station following the video’s expulsion from YouTube.

Pelosi Jr. neglect that he was working in Ukraine with a gathering called the “World Sports Alliance.”

“Today we’re here to discuss soccer,” Paul Pelosi Jr. said in his TV meet in Ukraine. “We as of late got a support from the World Sports Alliance and we’ve spoken with the Ukraine government about joint effort for soccer for youngsters. Ukraine has an incredible history in soccer and we would like to partake in that convention going ahead.”

The World Sports Alliance is a front gathering run by Paul Pelosi Jr’s. acceptable companion Asa Saint Clair, who filled in as leader of the Alliance. Asa Saint Clair now faces 20 years in jail for supposedly running a deceitful digital money conspire through the World Sports Alliance. Records uncover that Pelosi Jr. what’s more, Asa Saint Clair were legitimately working with each other during the time of Saint Clair’s supposed guiltiness.

Asa Saint Clair declared his underwriting of Paul Pelosi Jr’s. Corporate Governance Initiative a while before Pelosi Jr’s. Ukraine trip. An official statement dated December 27, 2016 reported Saint Clair’s underwriting of Pelosi Jr’s. organization, expressing:

“When solicited how he got mindful from the Corporate Governance Initiative, Mr. St. Clair proceeded to state “Paul Pelosi Jr is a long-term partner, both business and individual, and when I saw him taking a position on something my association considers to be a foundation of our flourishing, I connected with him to find out additional…

… Nevertheless, without the trust of the open itself, society will separate. That is what is happening in places our organization is attempting to influence change like Syria, Venezuela and even India this evening and is asymptomatic in the USA too. Without the foundation of appropriate corporate administration while working with our part countries, our strategic help the World Sports Alliance IGO can’t exists not to mention succeed… ”

When reached for input, businessperson and lobbyist Paul Pelosi Jr stated, “It was in watching free executives inside TATA Starbucks leave inspired by a paranoid fear of revenge and afterward to watch others like Nusli Wadia be constrained out of organizations like Tata Chemicals even with constructive execution assessments and over half of the autonomous vote. Also the expulsion of Chairman Cyrus Mistry, from all proof I’ve seen, was obviously planned by Director Nitin Nohira, Dean of Harvard Business School, who as I would like to think, didn’t guarantee an increasingly insightful evacuation procedure, for example, appropriate corporate methodology for the evacuation of a chief or administrator as set by the local laws, or even endeavor to maintain a strategic distance from the presence of an irreconcilable circumstance and having a point by point successor plan set up. As I said previously, it has even been proposed by others that Nitin Nohira’s collaboration and backing of the moment terminating of Mistry may have been affected by his own association with Ratan Tata and his $50 million gift to Harvard Business School in 2010 matching with Nohiras’ arrangement. That being said, this has made me take delay and question; is this really appropriate corporate administration? I concur entire heartedly with Mr. St. Clair, actually, I’m helped to remember an ongoing discussion when he basically said to me, “Society exists in its present condition since we all in all permit it. We are relied upon to do our part as residents; to adhere to specific guidelines and act in a manner that is ethically and morally right. When there is a breakdown in corporate administration, by a similar line of reasoning, what is to prevent hoodlums and vandals from focusing on this organization? Society as a crowd could without much of a stretch invade any organization and in the long run put the company bankrupt by overlooking the suggested Social Contract we have all presently consented to be bound by and annihilating and taking the enterprise’s property, in addition to other things.” I am regarded Mr. St. Clair has followed a similar way I’ve taken in endeavoring to guarantee organizations around the globe have a sounding board to help them in settling on the correct choices with respect to ensuring the privileges of all partners in their present and future endeavors.'”

Corporate official statement section closes

Here is a screen capture of the public statement, despite everything saved on

The links don’t stop there. The citizen researcher who can be followed on Twitter at @defeattheelites provided assistance for this report.

R. Rashaad LV Patrick, the official Global Communications Manager at the World Sports Alliance and member of Asa Saint Clair’s team for the cryptocurrency project IGObit, served as the president of Paul Pelosi Jr.’s Corporate Governance Initiative, according to a deleted “Our Team” page on the CGI website:

Here is Archived proof from the IGObit “Group” that R. Rashaad LV Patrick was on the IGObit group at the focal point of the criminal body of evidence against Asa Saint Clair.

Presently Asa Saint Clair is under house capture and confronting hard time.

The Department of Justice, through the U.S. Lawyer’s Office in the Southern District of New York, reported charges against Asa Saint Clair on November 6, 2019, pronouncing:

“Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Peter C. Fitzhugh, Special Agent-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of U.S. Movement and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (“HSI”), today declared charges against ASA SAINT CLAIR for his support in a venture plot attached to an indicated advanced coin offering called IGOBIT. Holy person CLAIR supposedly took an interest in a plan to cheat unfortunate casualties into giving credits attached to the dispatch of IGOBIT by World Sports Alliance, an indicated intergovernmental association concentrated on advancing global advancement through games, and dishonestly guaranteed financial specialists ensured returns and a possession enthusiasm for IGOBIT.

Manhattan U.S. Lawyer Geoffrey S. Berman stated: “As affirmed, Asa Saint Clair utilized World Sports Alliance, a hoax member of the United Nations, as a vehicle to cheat moneylenders. Holy person Clair purportedly duped financial specialists in IGOBIT, a computerized money he asserted WSA was growing, yet which ended up being the false trap with which to bait injured individual speculators. What’s genuine is the lawful offense allegation Saint Clair now faces.”

Specialist in-Charge Fitzhugh stated: “Holy person Claire purportedly touted his organization as advancing the estimations of sports and harmony for a superior world, yet cheated each one of the individuals who put resources into his hoax organization. As asserted, Saint Claire utilized the cash he earned through double dealing to support an extravagant way of life for him and his family. Through the HSI New York El Dorado Task Force and its solid organizations, Saint Claire will publicity for his activities, and it won’t be in the extravagance or solace he has become used to.”

As per the charges in the Indictment unlocked late yesterday in Manhattan government court[1]and the recently recorded Complaint:

From 2017 through September 2019, SAINT CLAIR requested speculators for the dispatch of IGOBIT through guaranteed venture returns and portrayals about World Sports Alliance’s improvement extends far and wide. World Sports Alliance didn’t in certainty take an interest in any worldwide improvement ventures and SAINT CLAIR didn’t devote financial specialist assets to IGOBIT. Rather, SAINT CLAIR redirected those assets to different elements constrained by him and individuals from his family, just as to pay his own costs, including suppers at Manhattan cafés, aircraft tickets, and web based shopping.

Holy person CLAIR, 47, of New York, New York, is accused of one tally of wire extortion, which conveys a greatest sentence of 20 years in jail. The greatest potential sentence right now endorsed by Congress and is given here to enlightening purposes just, as any condemning of the litigant will be dictated by the judge.

Mr. Berman lauded the remarkable work of HSI on this examination.

This case is being taken care of by the Office’s Money Laundering and Transnational Criminal Enterprises Unit. Right hand U.S. Lawyers Kiersten A. Fletcher and Tara M. La Morte are responsible for the indictment.”

DOJ section closes

Be that as it may, the World Sports Alliance was not only engaged with digital currency — it was chiefly intrigued by minerals around the globe.

Wikileaks distributed records legitimately ensnaring the World Sports Alliance in a worldwide mining plan.

“The World Sports Alliance (WSA): how the UN was by implication involved in a mining debasement plot… These archives show the plans utilized by a phony global association bolstered by the UN and various states so as to degenerate nearby elites and take the common assets of devastated states and their populaces,” Wikileaks wrote in a prologue to their ongoing record dump on the World Sports Alliance.

On Steemit, @deliberator recorded ten reports dumped by Wikileaks, which relate to the World Sports Alliance’s (WSA) mining work in the Central African Republic (CAR):

“1 WSA-CAR concession to biofertilisers (composts)

2 Electricity understanding between CAR State and WSA (vitality rights)

3 Framework show among WSA and the Central African Republic Ministry for Foreign Affairs (mining rights)

4 Framework show between the World Sports Alliance and the Central African Republic (mining)

5 WSA-CAR concession to foundation developments (system for organizations to mine)

6 CAR President grant for mining investigation (mining)

7 Ministerial note on the WSA-CAR understandings

8 WSA intermediation understanding (mining rights)

9 2013 CAR Presidential Permit given to WSA 1 (mining rights)

10 2013 CAR Presidential Permit given to WSA 2 (and again mining rights)”

As indicated by @deliberator: “From gold to jewels and everything in the middle of, this association has its clingy little fingers in every one of the pies, likewise they don’t have anything to do with sports, sure perhaps they put the odd piece of grass down on the floor, and possibly some goal lines and consider it a football pitch, they state they do in any case, I discovered zero proof of that however, yet I discovered a lot of proof/true in paper structure demonstrating they are degenerate, beguiling and harming Africa and different spots, by abandoning their toxic substances, their poisons, their radiation and dirtied water, with not a consideration on the planet by means of influencing other government authorities.”

The Today Show detailed in 2019 on the “mineral-rich” Central African Republic’s polite war, which has prompted in excess of a million youngsters confronting danger of starvation.

So, now we know what Pelosi Jr. was representing when he was name-dropping the “World Sports Alliance” during his trip to meet with government officials in Ukraine in 2017.

But that wasn’t Pelosi Jr.’s only business link to Ukraine, where his mother Nancy Pelosi appeared in a Happy Independence Day video for Ukraine in 2015. Nancy Pelosi led a congressional delegation to Ukraine in 2015 to discuss issues including “energy security.”


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