Node: Load Three Lightning Devices With One Cable

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If you own a larger number of Apple devices with Lightning connector, you need to either charge your iPad and Apple Pencil one at a time, or several at a time Use cables and power supplies. The adapter Node wants to solve the problem by a simple idea It’s not just the iPhone and iPad that are powered by the Lightning port, but Apple’s Apple Pencil, AirPods, and Apple’s latest wireless keyboards and mice There is often a larger collection of lightning cables and various charging stations around the desk should now be able to charge three devices with a single cable at the same time.

      Product Note

Duractron 3Pack 2M Nylon iPhone Charging Cable Lightning USB Cable for Apple iPhone 6 Plus / 6/5 / 5S / 6s iPad 4 iPad Mini / Air iPod 5 / iPod7 (Black Blue)

At first glance, the basic idea seems as simple as it is ingenious. The node adapter has the basic shape of a plus symbol. Two of the four sides have a Lightning Male connector and the other two have a Lightning Female adapter. If you plug one of the two female ports into a standard Lightning-to-USB cable from Apple and connect it to a power supply, the other three sides of the node adapter can supply power to devices. For example, it would be possible to charge an iPad, an iPhone and an Apple Pencil at the same time.

Currently the node can pre-order for $ 19.95 via the shop and will be shipped from March. For a shipment to Germany still fall to 5 US dollars postage. Converted costs the adapter so a little over 20 euros. How well Node beats in everyday life and how comfortable it is to load various devices at the same time is still unclear. Extensive tests are not yet available.

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