Noise Canceling AirPods 2 are due to arrive in early 2019

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Due to the small form factor of the AirPod earphones, it is very It is unlikely that the AirPods 2 would receive active noise cancellation, according to an analyst Nevertheless, Apple intends to make a better seal with small design changes and improvements over the current AirPods.

Barclays says the demand for AirPods continues to grow and predicts up to 30 million units sold in 2018.

The first AirPods were introduced in December 2016, but for a long time were very poorly available, which annoyed the customers. When the next generation should appear accurate, is uncertain. Bloomberg has reported that there may be a new second-generation model at some point this year, with integrated voice coprocessors to enable the “Hey Siri” feature. Another revision in 2019 is to produce AirPods that are waterproof.

The Barclays analysts, however, expect nothing new before 2019. The noise reduction is referred to as a physical method as active noise reduction with electronics. That could mean that both reports are actually about the same topic. Waterproofing means that seals and additional covers are applied to prevent water ingress, which also means more material between the ear and the outside world, resulting in better noise isolation. It’s quite possible that the main design changes are made primarily for waterproof reasons, and less external noise is actually just a nice side effect.

Apple has officially announced that it has a new AirPods charging case with support for wireless charging will give the new AirPower mat. An exact release date is unknown.

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