Nokia 7 Plus has problems with the Android P Beta test program

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Nokia 7 Plus is one of the few smartphones that are currently compatible with the beta of the new Android P9.0 operating system. Yesterday, however, users testing this software variant hit a problem update that managed to disable multiple devices, the result being different from case to case. If you have a Nokia 7 Plus on Android P Beta, try to avoid the latest security update

After downloading and installing the software package, the phone restarts and, depending on some unknown factors, it can behave in several ways. The lucky ones woke up with the fully-functional Android 8.1 version of the software, so the update behaved like a "downgrade," leaving the terminal functional. Other Nokia 7 Plus users woke up with the phone completely inoperable or blocked from the home screen after entering the password

The only solution seems to be the full reset of the device at this time, something that will not be nice for those who have photos or new documents without backups in the cloud. A Nokia representative has confirmed in official forums that HMD Global has taken these cases into account and will resolve the issue as soon as possible. In fact, the company is not exactly responsible for data loss or because users have encountered problems

Always, variants of "beta" test software come in a package with problems that users assume. Also, these versions should not generally be tested on the devices you rely on in normal use everyday. The healthiest data security and best user experience is waiting for the final version, even if it is a few months away

And we hit this issue in the Go4it editor, the solution being full reset of the device.

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