Nokia's spring releases were specifically targeted to users who were looking for cheaper devices, starting from Nokia 2.1 with Android Go, and reaching the Nokia 7 Plus, a premium mid-range budget. Of course, the Nokia 8 Sirocco was also among these models, but its 2017 hardware did not recommend it to take the place of other top devices on the market. Thus, in August, HMD Global is preparing to launch a new top model, rumors stating that it is the long awaited Nokia 9.

Nokia's official Twitter account has published a picture showing the silhouette of a smartphone large dimensions next to the text "Get ready to unveil the most awaited phone". As the Nokia device range covers most of the market segments, from the cheapest devices (including the dumb-phone 8810 "banana") to the premium premium range, the only vacancy would be a high-end device.
Last year, Nokia 8 was announced around the same time immediately after Samsung revealed Galaxy Note8 at the time. HMD's handset along with Foxconn has top-of-the-line hardware for advanced camera features and high quality construction. The only chapter that Nokia 8 left behind was the exterior design, something that has remained on most of HMD's range of products so far

Despite the fact that many Nokia models have received incremental updates like 5.1 or 6.1, the brand's new flagship will not be 8.1. Rumors talk about a "Nokia 9", equipped with the Snapdragon 845, a cropped display and a fingerprint sensor in the display, to match the trends in the market. Fortunately, we will not have to wait too long for news about the new Nokia phone, as its launch is very close: Tuesday, August 21, that is tomorrow (since the publication of this article).

the phone will be presented at leisure at IFA 2018, and we will probably see it in stores sometime during September

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