Nomad Unveils Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone X

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Although Nomad Lad estation for the iPhone X and other sometimes larger smartphones with Qi charging function offers. Fits the accessories perfectly to Apple’s high-end smartphone. This is not only determined by the size, but also by the workmanship and the materials used. So the support surface is covered by high quality Norwegian leather, while the bottom is rubberized, so it does not slip and can always be safely placed. However, it is particularly important that it can be used both upright and flat.

Nomad has integrated a clip that disappears during transport or as a loading mat in the bottom. This can also be simply pushed through the free opening to turn the Wireless Travel Stand just in such a way. Used as a stand, Nomad’s Qi Charger offers an advantage over the competition when it comes to unlocking via Face ID and further usage. As the iPhone X can be charged upright, face recognition unlocks without lifting or unnaturally bending over the device.

At the same time, the Wireless Travel Stand also supports the quick charge feature for the new iPhone models already working with 7.5W. Of course, there is a small catch. Nomad has its own charging port and does not use any of the usual standards such as USB-C, Lightning or microUSB.

Currently the charger is only available in the USA, but a release in Germany is expected soon. While US $ 59.95 is required for the Nomad Wireless Travel Stand, the price in this country could range between € 50 and € 65.

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