Notability for iOS with Handwriting Recognition

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You can now make handwritten notes in Notability on iPhone and iPad that will be more meaningful to you Because these are now recognized in their handwritten form by an algorithm. You can then search it. The search works for the entire library or even locally in individual documents.

Recognize handwriting and convert as needed

In addition, handwritten notes can now be converted into digital text.

If you start the app for the first time after the update, all existing handwritten notes will be scanned once. From this an index for the search is created. The developer points out. Because this process may take a while for many documents.

More features for iPad users

You can now also use a feature called Multi-Note on the iPad. This allows you to view and edit two notes side by side.

The new Notes Changer also lets you switch between notes more quickly. You can now also add audio recordings to your documents.

The new category “Recent Notes” also provides for greater clarity. It displays the ten most recently edited notes that you can refer to more quickly.

Free Update for Owners of the App

If you have notability yet, get the update for free App Store. Version 8.0 has recently been added to the App Store.

             Download on the App Store


Developer: Ginger Labs, Inc.

The app costs otherwise 10.99 euros. It requires at least iOS 10.0 or later on your iPhone or iPad.

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