Notes on New Pride Dial for the Apple Watch

Early release OS release has often led to new discoveries and hitherto unknown ate functions. For example, the firmware of the HomePod allowed conclusions to be drawn on the iPhone X long before the device was released. A little discovery now wants to have made 9to5mac in the Golden Master of iOS 11.3.

In the update to iOS 11.3, previously published only for the new iPad introduced two days ago, are also included sections for the operation guide , These can be used by the blind and visually impaired to have their voices read out via voice-over. For the first time sections of a "" appear in the code of this user guide, which are described as "digital dial with a rainbow in the form of colored stripes".

Such a dial would fit perfectly with a bracelet that Apple offered for sale for a short time last summer. The colorful bracelet in the Pride Edition was initially only available exclusively to employees of Apple, but then for 59 euros also available. Part of the revenue Apple donated to various LBGTQ organizations. The bracelet should be a symbol of equal rights. For this year, a corresponding action by Apple quite conceivable, a Pride dial so quite realistic.

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