Now free to use Adobe XD for UX and UI design

If you are a designer then use vi also software from Adobe. The company offers with Adobe XD a special app that allows you to create user interfaces.

Use Adobe XD for free

The software was only finalized in October for all platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android). Previously, the provider had the app tested extensively. After that, the manufacturer offered the program for 9.99 euros per month. Alternatively, you could book Adobe Creative Cloud packages and share multiple apps. In a base version with limited functionality, you can now use Adobe XD for free .

New Conditions

If you subscribe to the new Starter Kit for free, you can use the Adobe XD Use software for Mac and Windows to design designs. On the other hand, the apps on iOS and Android can only be used for presentation purposes. You can create as many documents as you like. Also, you can export assets for use in apps and create animated videos of the design’s usage scenario to share with colleagues.

However, you can only have one prototype and one design with each other as part of the Starter Plan divide. If you need to share a different design, you must first stop sharing the previous theme. Plus, you can just use the TypeKit Free font to design and get just 2GB of free storage in the cloud for your projects. For subscribers, these limitations are eliminated. You also get 100GB of cloud space.

Prototyping with Adobe XD

You can not only use the app as a mere design, but you can also use it to create initial application examples for apps or websites. Because of integrated effects or simple dependencies (clicks, gestures), you trigger other actions. This way, a “customer” can get an idea of ​​the app later on.

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