NVIDIA Anticipates Demand for Video Cards to Generate Virtual Coins

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Entering into the fourth month of extreme volatility, the virtual money market is becoming less attractive in the eyes of small investors, discouraged by successive declines in trading prices and uncertainties about future developments

Under the terms of trading volumes at the minimum of the last two years, and an accelerated declining trend, more and more analysts question the ability of Bitcoin to keep current trading quotes. Regarding the recovery of over 50% losses recorded since January and now, it can not be said at the moment.

By operating on the supply and demand principle, the virtual currency market requires a high buyer flow in order to grow, the emergence of imbalances leading to volatility first and then loss of confidence and mass sale, causing prices to collapse. Balance can only be restored when virtual money prices have gone down enough to attract new buyers in a number large enough to ensure sustained growth that could restore investors' trust

Unfortunately, for those who currently hold virtual currencies, the enthusiasm that has fueled price rises in recent months has scattered, the return to quotes close to the speculative bubble effect seems more and more likely. The same seems to be the equipment manufacturers used by the "virtual miners", Nvidia voicing fears about the fall in virtual currency markets during 2018.

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The good news for those who wait for months to buy a decent price video card is that the market could be flooded with second-hand video cards, much cheaper than we have been used to. The bad news is that many of them could have a high wear level, questioning long-term reliability </p>
But even the worst news is for Nvidia. The sudden rise in second-hand video offerings can leave the company with huge inventory of unsold video cards and billions of dollars. According to industry sources, Nvidia considers the number of chips ordered from the semiconductor manufacturer TSMC. The move comes after Nvidia completely stopped production of new chips for the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti series a few weeks ago. </p>
But the decline in the virtual currency market may not be the only reason Nvidia expects lower sales of video cards. The year 2018 could bring new ASIC devices (special computers created specifically for virtual coin generation) that would make the use of video cards unattractive </p>
As with Bitcoin, virtual currency generation could become an activity accessible only to companies and investors willing to invest substantial amounts of money exclusively to generate virtual coins, releasing the PC component market under the pressure of "amateur" miners. </p>
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