Nvidia GTX 1180 gets unofficial specifications


Expected just two years after the GTX 1080 debut, the Nvidia GTX 1180 promises up to 50% higher performance with similar power consumption or lower. According to rumors so far, Nvidia would reveal the new series of video cards in July this year

Built using a completely new GPU architecture, the GTX 1180 accelerators take on much of the GTX 1080 Ti Series specification, high end end-to-end gamers. However, there are notable differences, such as the use of GDDR6 memory chips organized on a 256-bit bus and using the FinnF 12nm manufacturing process, both contributing to a more competitive manufacturing cost without sacrificing performance

Remaining without competition from AMD's rival, Nvidia will offer the GTX 1180 series at a price of $ 100 higher than the current GTX 1080. But even at a cost of $ 699 (the official launch price), the Nvidia GTX 1180 have all chances to be exhausted in record time, if not by game enthusiasts, then by "miners" of virtual coins.

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