OLED with 1.443 ppi for VR glasses planned

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LG’s 4.3-inch OLED achieves a pixel density of 1,443 ppi and a resolution of 18 megapixels, with a refresh rate of 12 hertz, so there’s no flicker in the monitor

Of course, hardly any computer can calculate images with 18 megapixels in real time, which is why Google and LG have come up with an exciting solution. In each case, only the image area with high resolution is calculated to which the user is looking. This is determined with the help of eye-tracking.

The technique itself is called foveated rendering, where the word is formed from the Latin “fovea”. The fovea centralis in the eye is in the center of the yellow spot and marks the area of ​​the sharpest vision of the retina.

LG plans to present the display together with Google at Display Week in May 2018. This emerges from a lecture program to the fair.

Also Apple apparently works on such a solution, because the company bought some time ago with Sensomotoric an eye-tracking company.

When appropriate glasses come to the market, is not known. However, it will probably take some time.

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