One of the Apple AirPods headphones began to smoke at a user's ear, then fired

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Apple is investigating an incident reported by a user in the US state of Florida, owner of a wireless headset of the Air Pods series

At $ 159, the Apple AirPods headphones attracted critics for uninspired design, reminiscent of their wired version after a scissors meeting. Expensive and very easy to lose, the AirPods helmet adds another disadvantage to the wired version – the risk of bodily harm by spontaneous fire

According to an unfortunate user, one of the AirPods headphones began to smoke while it was in the ear. Sensing the danger, he immediately removed both earphones and left his room to ask for help, dropping the gadget on the floor.

Surely at the source of the problem, the Li-Polymer battery streaked in each of the two Apple AirPods headphones is much smaller than those used in smartphones. However, in the images it can be noticed how the plastic of the casing slammed and deformed, indicating exposure to high temperatures that could have caused injuries to the user.

Contact for more information, Apple representatives have said they are investigating the incident, and will provide more details as they become available

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