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Logitech is one of the oldest keyboard manufacturers and among the first to enter the market with exclusive gaming models. In recent years, however, the Swiss company has struck fierce competition from many competitors in the gaming market, competing keyboards from companies such as Corsair and HyperX are now among the most valued. Logitech's long-awaited response is G513 a premium gaming keyboard and one of the few that offers multiple switch options in the company portfolio. We had two of the three models, the one with switches Romer-G Tactile which we already know from older models, and the new Romer-G Linear , who promise increased speed

Construction, design, ergonomics

Logitech has lately renounced partnership with the Cherry German switch manufacturer, opting for Omron's Romer-G keypads . But they came in a single version with "tactile" buttons similar in functionality to the Cherry MX Brown switches. Of course, there are gamers who prefer this switch model because they are relatively silent but offer a tactile response to the actuation, but there are plenty of fans and the Cherry MX Red switches, completely linear, with no tactile response. Thus the new Romer-G Linear switches appeared, the old Romer-G being renamed in "Romer-G Tactile"

At first sight, The Logitech G513 is not a sophisticated keyboard as we would expect given its price. We're dealing with an "inherited" design from the G413, with a dark gray metal plate at the bottom and a compact format with no extra buttons or a large body. The keys are not "closed" at the base, so they can be easier to clean if needed, while the format of the keys is "normal" without any claims.

We can not, however, observe some at least bizarre decisions from Logitech. The G513 wants to replace the G810 in the offer, being the only new full RGB numeric keypad model. Unfortunately, it eliminates a few elements that made the G810 a very attractive choice and could justify its high price against competition. It is obvious that G513 has completely removed the multimedia buttons and volume wheel which are extremely useful for both normal use and gaming sessions

Also, the LEDs for the "Lock" buttons have been almost completely eliminated. Scroll Lock and Num Lock are completely missing, with only Caps Lock being kept, along with a "Gaming Mode" LED that is activated by the FN + F8 key combination. While we can not complain after Scroll Lock, lacking a Num Lock LED on a numeric keypad is disappointing . Other companies have even fueled this by switching off the button LED or changing its color, but Logitech did not think it was the case.

What did the G513 get in addition to the G810? A 19459004 USB pass-through can power any device (such as a smartphone) and provides USB 2.0 data connectivity for data transfer as well as a 1/4 "standard tripod mount . It is likely that Logitech is suggesting that users will mount a smartphone to control the settings during the game (they have tried in the past to offer something similar on the G910 and G410), but they do not deliver package support nor sell one on the official website, this hole can be considered absolutely useless for most users.

The G513 package, however, compensates for other models from the past with the inclusion of accessories that we have never seen from Logitech. We have "gaming" exchange keys with the surface of buttons 1,2,3,4,5 and Q, W, E, R, A, S, D ] a plastic rest with sponge inside, covered with a layer of ecological leather . It is very pleasant to touch and provides added comfort to those who prefer to use the keyboard in this way. The advantage is that the palmrest can be purchased separately as a "spare" on the Logitech website, and can easily be used on a G413 or G810, models that are not equipped with this

When it comes to a "full size" keyboard, Logitech believes that it will not be worn in LANs for parties or competitions, so its cable-cloth is permanently attached


Logitech Gaming Software has recently come to version 9.0, but the surface has not changed much. It only received compatibility with the company's new accessories, so the "Web 2.0" interface with obsolete graphics has not gone away.

Actually The Logitech G513 is very similar to G810 software support level . This provides the ability to attach commands or macros on each button, has an absolutely identical light configuration interface and can store separate profiles for each application

What G513 has in addition to the G810 is the ability to store a key color profile on the keyboard memory, something that was only present on the G Pro keyboard in the past. It is curious, however, that there is only one profile stored, competition offering at least three profiles, if not more

The G513 is also the first LIGHTSYNC compatible keyboard which can synchronize multiple Logitech RGB devices in various ways. Currently, only the G513 and the G560 speaker set are compatible and only four games have dedicated profiles for this functionality: Assetto Corsa, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and Fortnite. Other two separate game modes are synchronization with playing music and a feature called screen sampler that mimics the effect of Ambilight on Philips TVs using screen information to illuminate around

None of these modes of use are impressive with just the keyboard, while the use of the G560 speakers (which we tested at the same time) draws the attention almost completely to the speakers, making keyboard effects irrelevant. It's just the first implementation LIGHTSYNC so it's likely it will take until Logitech gets the same level of integration and personalization as the Razer Chroma system

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