One Theme, Two Opinions: Design Issues at Apple?

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Sebastian Schack : Apple should not be dependent on one person, whether it be Steve Jobs, Tim Cook or Jony Ive, but sometimes it just takes a person to do that Keeping reins in your hands and occasionally getting the whip out. In design things, this is certainly Jony Ive at Apple. At least that’s what he was until 2015 and hopefully he’ll be back now. Although Apple has made no total failures in the various products in recent years. However, in some cases it seems obvious that you are on the spot and have made at least dubious decisions in others. We, who complain about the Touch Bar, iPhone X-Flap, MacBook Pro keyboard and the like, have to be careful that we are not (again) in a blind “Under Steve that would not happen” – only this time with Jony Ive – expire. Nevertheless, it must be allowed to put a new hope in the return of Jony Ive.

Not because Apple has put bad products on the market. But because many things, sometimes only in details, did not look elaborate in recent years. There have recently been many new “nice to have” – ​​but few “must have” features. It needs no miracle, no salvation, nothing dramatic has happened. We just want more smart design again with the arrogance of a paying customer.

Stefanie Seidler: When I look around the Mac Life editorial board, I see the signature of Jony Ive. Whether MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone or iPad – Ive and his design team are responsible for the minimalist and simple design of Apple’s most important products in recent years. Ive is not only the most influential product designer in the world, he is above all an artist and so you have to grant him a certain artistic freedom. Nevertheless, I would like to be surprised again this year by his unique visions. The new iMac Pro in Space Gray is nice to look at but not really innovative. Maybe Apple just arrived at the design? Following the collapse of the colorful iPhone 5c, Apple’s portfolio almost only contains the typical technical colors: gold, silver, anthracite and black. However, it’s been exactly 20 years since Jobs and I’ve delighted with the colorful iMac. We are ready for a new surprise.

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