OnePlus 5T is one of the most attractive smartphones in the market, equipped with top hardware, a modern design and a price close to half the competition. Of course, not all things are "pink". The camera is one of the components where the Chinese company could work a little longer, but the brand fan community wants to solve the problem with OnePlus Camera M, a customized version that can produce much better results

OnePlus Camera M is a modified version of the camera application that comes with the OxygenOS software on OnePlus 5T, which promises to deliver better picture quality. According to those who tested the new app, it offers results similar to those of Google's default camera application, with more pronounced details and more natural colors

The way these performances are achieved is simple but very effective. It seems that only the quality of the JPEG files to which the final picture is saved has been improved, it is moved to the maximum value of 100. The only drawback in using OnePlus Camera M is the need for the root of the phone, which leads to the loss of the warranty . Once root-at, Magisk software is required to install OnePlus Camera M.

The software package with the enhanced version of the application is available on the XDA Developers forum, and can be installed on any Android AOSP enabled phone

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