OnePlus 6 could have a glossy glass or ceramic back

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OnePlus continues the unconventional method of promoting his next smartphone, the long-awaited OnePlus 6. On Twitter OnePlus India, the company has released a photo showing what appears to be behind the device, which reveals that we are dealing with a new design made from different materials from past generations, suggesting that OnePlus 6 will probably be the most out of the common device in the company's portfolio so far

Speculators have already begun to speculate about the fabric on the back of the phone, some saying it is glass, while others say it could be ceramics. In any of these situations, the phone might offer a wireless charge, but if the ceramic is used, the phone might be more scratch-resistant but less brittle if it is dropped on the cement.

Ceramics is a material that is rarely used in the mobile devices industry as its production is not very cheap. I have seen in the past some Xiaomi models such as Mi Mix and Mi Mix 2S, Essential Phone and even OnePlus X, a model available in a limited edition 3 years ago.

There is, however, the possibility that OnePlus can offer several variants for OnePlus 6, the expensive one can be equipped with a ceramic back. This detail of OnePlus 6 comes shortly after the company revealed that it will offer water resistance on the new model, but also after confirming the presence of a top-of-the-box cutout, like the iPhone X.

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