OnePlus 6, in the glass case and the top-of-cut screen

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We like it or not, all this year's smartphone products come with a "bang" cut at the top of the screen, and the OnePlus 6 range is not an exception

Even if OnePlus 5T only takes a few months since it was launched, OnePlus is determined to keep up with the new trends and makes preparations for OnePlus 6, the device at least at the prototype stage being launched in the near future.

Compared to the current model, OnePlus 6 is a significant upgrade to the design side. The case is now covered with glass at the back and vertically groups the two camera lenses, just like the rival Galaxy S9 Plus. The fingerprint sensor is placed slightly below the LED flash, the increased distance helps to keep the lens of the camera cleaner.

If at the back, OnePlus 6 looks inspired by the S9 Plus model, the front looks like an enhanced version of the iPhone X. This is because the "bang" of the screen is much narrower, the space left just serving to accommodate the speaker grid, front camera and proximity sensor. Without facial modeling sensors, OnePlus 6 will not have advanced facial recognition and animated real-time emoji, but if the required price is right, we could overcome this omission

The first OnePlus smartphone delivered in the glass case could be the first to support wireless battery charging

In the absence of an official announcement, it is impossible to say whether the phone captured in images is the retail version of OnePlus 6, or just a prototype that is not representative of the final product

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