OnePlus CEO Confirms OnePlus Bretton 6. Recognizes that iPhone X has influenced the design


In recent weeks, there have been many rumors about OnePlus 6, especially about the design of the phone, which might have a cut at the top of the display. Company CEO Carl Pei decided to break the silence and talk a little about the future OnePlus model without revealing its official name, confirming some details about the device. Yes, OnePlus 6 will have a small "bang" at the top, but many other elements of the phone will remain intact

Carl Pei gave an interview to The Verge confirming some details I knew from anonymous sources or that I already assumed. Thus, the cut-out at the top of the OnePlus 6 display will exist, but in a device as large as previous generations, a larger display that displays more content can be integrated. The top bar is now positioned higher, so the cut will not cut off the display, but will add extra space to the sides. The interface has been rethought to consider the bang, while most common apps (the most popular 1,000 on the Google Play Store) have been tested for compatibility

OnePlus 6 will not give up the headphone jack, which is an important component for the company, as well as for the fans of its products. It is interesting that Pei has confirmed that all companies, including OnePlus, take this crop due to Apple, as the US company has influenced the offer of component manufacturers, who quickly cut off cut displays

The new OnePlus interface will also provide gesture control, also inspired by the iPhone X. These are already available for OnePlus 5 and 5T users in a beta version of the proprietary Oxygen OS operating system

Carl Pei also reveals the reason why all Android devices with "bangs" also benefit from a "chin" at the bottom. Apple sells more expensive products, so it allows to buy more expensive OLED panels that can be curved up and down to completely remove the space between the edge and the display. This makes the device slightly thicker, but the price is the main reason why Android smartphone makers will not be adopting anything similar soon

Currently, Pei does not want to name the new OnePlus 6 device and does not give any details about a possible launch window for it. At the same time, he denies the rumors that the phone will have the same design as the OPPO R15, which I have recently seen in the photos

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