Opera for macOS – Download

The free Opera browser for macOS is a real alternative to surfing the “World Wide Web.”

Opera for macOS

The alternative browser solution Opera supports tabbed browsing, mouse gestures and of course the ability to block annoying pop-ups. With the latest Internet technologies such as HTML 5 with drag-and-drop and webcam support and CSS3 animations, Opera is well equipped.

One of the highlights: Opera comes with an integrated VPN service that you complete without traffic or speed Restrictions. This makes Opera unique in the browser market among its big competitors. You can choose from servers in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United States.

Also on board is WhatsApp: Because the browser integrates – in addition to the Facebook Messenger – now also WhatsApp. The basis for this is WhatsApp Web, which was cleverly implemented directly in the browser.

In addition, the browser can be supplemented by extensions. Unfortunately, the widgets and the Bittorrent client have been deleted in the macOS version.

Even extensions for the Opera browser have not been forgotten. Through the Opera’s own add-ons web app you can find numerous well-known extensions. Although extensions in the CRX format from the Chrome Webstore usually, but not always easily.

Recent Changes

The new Version 50 comes with protection against crypto-mining and enhanced VR support for Oculus and Chromecast’s official Opera- blog.

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