Opera Touch, a new web browser for mobile devices


Opera has announced Opera Touch, a new Neon inspired mobile device browser, the experimental browser designed for desktop PCs and multitasking-optimized

Revealed last year, Neon comes up with a number of new ideas better suited to how users use the internet. This is done around an airy interface with tabs that can be displayed next to each other, like windows in an operating system. Practically, Neon offers a multitasking-oriented desktop experience

Launched first in Android version, Opera Touch takes over the concepts already demonstrated in the Neon version and adapts them for touch interaction using the smart phones screen. With an unconventional interface, Opera Touch puts the tab switch and bookmark list at the bottom of the screen closer to your fingertips. The suggestion button called "fast action" offers quick access to the search function, tabbed list and other essential features in the web browser

Besides the optimized interface for fast navigation, using as few moves as possible, Opera Touch benefits from all the technologies available in the Opera browser, such as integrated ad blocker and protection against sites that use virtual coin-plugins.

Moreover, Opera Touch supports synchronization with the Opera version for desktop, saved passwords and bookmark file collection being automatically switched between devices. Called "Flow," the synchronization feature only involves scanning the QR code generated in the Opera desktop version with the mobile phone

At the experimental stage, Opera Touch still does not include a bookmark manager proper or the ability to save new bookmark files, allowing users to handle a list of newly visited sites, automatically generated. Thus, Opera Touch is best used in tandem with the Opera version of the desktop, leaving the functionality to be complemented by upcoming updates.

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