Opera will integrate an electronic wallet for cripto-coins in the Android edition

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Even though more and more voices begin to describe the use of virtual coins as an unsuccessful experiment, this does not stop hardware and software developers from implementing plans designed several months ago, when the enthusiasm for the crypto-coin was still to high

After yesterday we learned that HTC goes further with the plan to launch a smartphone that integrates blockchain technology, today we find out that they will soon be able to set up an electronic wallet wallet on any Android smartphone. Even if it's not as sure as the hardware implementation promised by HTC, the new feature supported natively by the Opera browser could encourage the use of virtual currency payments as an alternative to bank transactions

The move comes after Opera developers publicly expressed interest in this topic and even introduced new filters for blocking computer attacks aimed at users who do so in the web browser

For the moment, the beta-added functionality of the Opera browser for Android is at an experimental stage, the new e-wallet based on the Ethereum Web3 API will be available soon

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