Operating the iPhone without touching it

You pull your head up for a moment, s Oh, as if they were imitating the second half of a pitching. At the same time, your gaze wanders from the lower edge of the display to the upper one. At the same time the content of Safari scrolls from bottom to top. This is how the future of iPhone usage could look like. Unfortunately, it has absolutely nothing to do with the idea that Mark Gurman of the Bloomberg agency has put forward.

Speculation about non-contact operation

The designated Apple connoisseur describes in a new version Contribute to the not-so-distant future of Apple’s smartphone. The envisages possibly an extension of the operating concept to non-contact gestures. Technology integrated into the display would detect when the fingers moved near the surface but did not touch them.

The comparison with Samsung’s “Air Gestures” or Google’s “Project Soli” is obvious , Unlike Soli Apple does not want to use motion sensors in the device. And unlike Samsung’s “Air Gestures,” iPhone users would have to work closer to the display.

iPhone screen curved

In addition, Gurman describes the future of the iPhone Screen curved. The display should be slightly concave in the future, from top to bottom.

An iPhone update that takes both changes into account should be ready in two to three years. Gurman bases his report on various sources, which of course he does not name. Rumors about a curved display or even a foldable iPhone are not new.

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