Optical fiber: good deals of the moment at Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom


updated on 13/12/2017

For several months, mobile operators have multiplied promotions, and we have already selected the best offers of the moment. Price war also takes place on fiber optics and the promotions are numerous. Also, as we did for mobile plans, here is our selection of the best promotions on fiber subscriptions from different operators.

We focus here on fiber optics, ADSL offers are excluded from this selection. In addition, this article will be updated according to the evolution of the different offers. To find out more about the installation process and the best offers outside of promotions, we refer you to our general guide:

Please note that all fiber offers are subject to cancellation fees (usually up to 50 €), fees that will be reimbursed by the new operator you have chosen.


SFR has reviewed its offers to highlight its new service Altice Studio or Pack Sport Premium (which integrates BeIn Sports). In both cases, the offer is 29.99 euros + 5 euros (for the rental of the box) for 12 months or 34.99 euros per month. For this price you have 1 Gb / s maximum downstream and 100 Mb / s up. Both offers have the other usual services, such as SFR Presse, 200 TV channels, 4K content and unlimited calls to fixed and mobile in France. SFR reimburses up to 100 euros for cancellation fees of your former operator.

Power Cinema Offer

Power Sport Offer


The "no obligation" subsidiary SFR also offers an attractive offer. Usually charged 19.99 euros, the fiber package goes to 10 euros. This gives a theoretical download speed of 100 Mb / s and 50 Mb / s upload. The TV decoder is optional: 2 euros per month.

RED also reimburses up to 100 euros for cancellation fees of your former operator. It will however add 3 euros of box rental per month. In the end, if you add the TV option, the whole will be charged 15 euros / month instead of 24.99 euros. The offer will end on January 2nd.

Take advantage of this great deal


The aging Bbox Sensation no longer has the wind in its sails, but Bouygues Telecom compensates with the Bbox Miami which has the particularity of being based on Android. It goes from 27.99 euros to 14.99 euros for 12 months for a theoretical maximum flow of 1 Gb / s. Be careful though, the fiber coverage of Bouygues is still relatively low, not sure that you can enjoy it.

The rental of the box is charged 3 euros per month, the subscription will cost you 17.99 euros per month for a year in total. Note that Bouygues supports up to 100 euros termination fees for your former operator. The offer has no announced deadline for the moment.

Enjoy this good plan


For the end of the year holidays Orange consents to a nice reduction on its fiber offerings: 14 euros less for one year and 5 euros per month if you change operator (which amounts to a refund of cancellation fee), a total of 19 euros per month of reduction therefore. The good news is that this applies to all ISP offers. This gives a fiber subscription from 22.99 euros per month for 12 months with the subscription "Zen Fiber" (38.99 – 19 + 3 euros for the rental of the box). Remember that the offer is without commitment.

This is the least expensive option, however it is not the one we recommend. The formula Play is in our opinion more interesting: on the one hand the bit rate is doubled to reach 200 Mb / s. We remind that in Orange it is a minimum and not a theoretical bitrate. To subscribe to this offer, we can testify to a practical flow rate being around 250 Mb / s. The other advantage of the Play offer is to propose the last LiveBox 4, more powerful and you will have the right to the calls unlimited to mobiles in France, the overseas departments, the USA and Canada.

After reduction, it will cost you 28.99 euros per month and it is the best option currently, especially since it is without commitment. You can therefore cancel at the end of the promotion period: the discount will end on January 9th.

Enjoy this good plan

Our selection

  • Two offers stand out in our opinion: RED at 10 euros per month is a very good value for money for who seeks to obtain the fiber to low cost and ready however some concessions, especially on the flow rates. It will be sufficient for students or people living alone. The offer is without engagement
  • We also have a weakness for the offer of Orange which, although more expensive, has the merit of being necessarily in FTTH and to guarantee a minimum bit rate of 200 Mb / s, unlike competitors with a theoretical maximum throughput. It will be suitable this time for those who have more intensive use of their connection, especially families with one or two teenagers. The offer of Orange is without commitment


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