Orange and Vodafone announce prices for new Huawei P20 smartphones


Orange and Vodafone have announced prices for Huawei's new P20 series smartphones. Terminals are available for pre-order, and the first customers who reserve them receive a Huawei EnVizion 360.

Vodafone Romania customers can register a pre-order for Huawei P20 until April 5 and Huawei P20 Pro until April 16, 2018 in Vodafone stores across the country, partner stores, and the company's website

The Huawei P20 can be purchased at a price of 254 euros, along with the Super RED 31 subscription, and the Huawei P20 Pro can be bought at a price of 234 euros, along with the Super Red 49. At free, Vodafone sells Huawei P20 at the price of 640 euros. The Pro model is listed on the site with the price of 839.

At Orange, Huawei P20 costs 189 euros with the Orange Me 43 subscription, and the Huawei P20 Pro costs 389 euros for the same package. At free, the standard price for the P20 is 649 euros and for the P20 Pro at 849 euros

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