Owners of Samsung phones, sabotaged by their own device. A software bug causes random phone shots to be sent

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The Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 + and Note 8 are affected by a potentially explosive software bug that once triggered causes pictures to be sent from the cell phone memory to randomly selected people in the Samsung Messages agenda

The lucky ones could get away with a single picture sent, but the entire collection of "picants" can be as easily sent out without anyone observing anything. For many surprises, it is even greater when approached by a colleague, or even his own boss, to ask what the big number of pictures sent without warning.

Apparently, the only way to avoid making the most embarrassing conversations about sending photos that should not be seen by strangers is to temporarily disable the Samsung Messages messaging application, pre-installed on Samsung's latest generation devices

Those who suspect such an incident can certainly find out the "log" files kept in the phone account section. Another hint could be the sudden exhaustion of data traffic allocated for the mobile internet connection

Contact us for explanation, Samsung officials have confirmed the issues raised by users, which they take into account a recent update to Samsung Messages. The good news is that the issue will be corrected shortly, with a new update to the app delivered exclusively on Samsung phones

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