(P) Admiral Markets brings MetaTrader 5 to Romania. How will the software change the landscape of Forex transactions

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Transactions in the international forex market have gained a great deal in recent years, especially in our country. Although many consider Forex a risky way to invest and make a profit, financial experts do not consider transactions on this market more risky than stock exchanges or derivative investment instruments

In order to be successful on Forex, you need to master the trading plan that you have made and to understand in depth the role played by various variables in currency exchange fluctuations

Transactions on the Forex market can not therefore be achieved in the absence of trading platforms and stock exchange softwares that give you all the indicators you need when deciding whether to sell or buy different currencies

If until now one of the strongest market instruments for brokers and traders was MetaTrader 4, Admiral Markets took a step forward and brought MetaTrader 5 software to Romania as well. In this article we will see why it is in a state this software and how it will change the landscape of Forex transactions.

MetaTrader 5 – Functions

The MetaTrader 5 Scholar Software is available for desktop and mobile devices, and is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS. Moreover, MetaTrader 5 also comes with a web-based version for traders to access the program anywhere and on any device

The software allows traders to simultaneously analyze data in over 100 graphs of indicators and information. Moreover, users can report in their decisions at 21 different time intervals, from one minute to one.

These so well-timed slots help traders examine the price fluctuations between very short or very long currencies to identify trends and find opportunity windows.

For advanced, MetaTrader 5 also offers over 80 included technical indicators as well as analytical tools

Predicting the Future with Big Data

The most burgeoning dream of any player on the stock market or Forex market is to anticipate future market movements, taking advantage of some local or global events to make a profit. This opportunity no longer exclusively deals with Wall Street movies, but has become a reality. MetaTrader 5 includes a true arsenal of analytics and prediction tools

For those who want to get accurate predictions about market movements, MetaTrader 5 offers very effective tools. The economic calendars, the function that reads the news from the international press agencies, the tools that analyze in real time global economic indicators – all this presents data on which to predict market fluctuations

The program is able to "collect" millions of news from all over the globe (be it economic, social, or political) and refine them to predict fluctuations of a currency. Moreover, a number of MetaTrader 4 and 5 compatible widgets, also available through Admiral Markets, analyze global events, the social media reaction to them, and market sentiment to make predictions about price differences between a pair of coins currencies.

If you have heard that a certain statement by a politician has led to a currency increase, or that an international incident has somehow led to a drop in the prices of a particular stock company, then you understand how MetraTrader 5 can help you predict the future .

Trading robots

Other features that MetaTrader 5 makes available to users are trading robots and trading signals. Trading robots are the ideal business partners of any Forex trader: they are intelligent, they work non-stop, do not make decisions based on emotions, and are always looking for the most profitable transactions they execute immediately.

Trading robots are able to process enormous amounts of information in a very short time, which gives them a clear advantage – as long as you teach them what to do.


MetaTrader 5 is a free program especially for advanced traders. The multiplicity and complexity of its functions makes it the ideal solution for those who are no longer on the move and will upgrade their daily Forex trading activity.

We recommend beginners to debut on the Forex trading market and generally on the investment market with simple long-term strategies to familiarize themselves with trading platforms and learn the rules of the game

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