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There is a Romanian saying that always comes to my mind when I am inclined to buy cheap products, which I will have to use for a long time - "I'm too poor to buy poor quality stuff." Of course, this proverb is sometimes carried out extremely, not by poverty, but by the comfort of not making a minimal financial effort. The last such situation that I hit was the choice between a laptop and a MacBook Pro

Of course, anyone who has experienced the fascination with Apple products, in fact, maybe even a MacBook Pro that he has seen in a movie, video or faculty colleague understands my point of view. To be serious, the MacBook Pro is fancy and performing, giving its owner the expression of elegance and good taste. In addition, the MacBook Pro comes with a long life package, like all Apple products you will not have to change or put into constant service.

When I finally took the decision to buy a MacBook Pro, I looked for the most cost-effective option. I immediately headed to Facebook groups and sites that many people sell or share their goods, and so I found many people selling MacBook Pro at much lower prices than they were on websites professionals. By consulting with more friends, however, I realized that this option to purchase a MacBook Pro is not the most advantageous in terms of quality because it does not provide the guarantees you have when you buy a MacBook Pro from a professional. Also, a second hand MacBook Pro will not compare to a new one.

So if you're planning to buy a MacBook Pro, I can only congratulate you. Choosing a MacBook Pro is a mature decision that goes towards long-term investment. In addition, no one says you have to get all the money out of your pocket, because you can buy a MacBook Pro in installments

What's important, however, is to know the provenance of the MacBook Pro that you buy. Do not buy a second hand MacBook Pro. Do not buy a MacBook Pro on unknown sites that sell it at ridiculous prices, as it is unlikely to be original, and the investment you make will not be worth it at all.

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