[ad_1] On Friday morning, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski repeatedly suggested President Donald Trump is not the biological father of 13-year-old Barron Trump.“We’re going to have Donald Trump, yesterday, I think it was yesterday, in the White House, talking about Melania’s son,” said Joe Scarborough, “Morning Joe” co-host and husband to Brzezinski. “Maybe it

[ad_1] Nadler thought they were under lock and key – here they come! Jerry Nadler thought he could impeach Trump without his own words coming back to bite him. Yeah, Right.Nadler is moving forward with impeaching hearings and investigations, at any costs. Doesn’t matter to him that the Senate won’t support it. Doesn’t matter to

[ad_1] She pushed AOC over the edge – this ad is the best thing I’ve seen all week!Don’t worry about missing out on last night’s Democratic debate. You didn’t miss much unless you love watching Democrats arguing for hours. But there was one bright spot during all the nonsense, an ad from the Republican party.If

[ad_1] They said Donald couldn’t pull it off – and now it’s going to cost them. Democrats just learned the hard way—yet again—not to bet against Trump.They had poured millions into an all-but-confirmed liberal victory. The media was ready to announce that the Trump-era was soon coming to an end. That 2020 was a shoo-in

[ad_1] He’s out of there – and headed down South to one of America’s favorite states! Sanctuary cities are experiencing a major exodus, and the biggest one in the country just lost a billionaire.The sad reality is that Democrat-run sanctuary cities have many problems. You’d think that “enlightened” liberals would transform their cities into bastions

[ad_1] Do you think that President Trump is one of the smartest to serve in office throughout all of US history?At a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, Tuesday night, President Donald Trump mused on critics who say he doesn’t act “presidential” enough. “It is much easier to act presidential than what we are doing here tonight,

[ad_1] Donald just made Democrats eat their words! Democrats in the House continue their doomed agenda of impeaching Trump.They are far, far from even putting forward articles of impeachment. But goons like Nadler keep insisting that they are going to find that smoking gun. These Democrats are draining American resources (your tax dollars) looking for

[ad_1] Congress tried to hide it – but Jim Jordan just shone a spotlight on it! Jim Jordan is quickly becoming the new Lion of House. As Democrats keep pushing to betray the will of the people, Jordan is fighting back.And he just exposed another Democrat scheme to take away your rights. The media, of

[ad_1] Thе mаіn ѕіmіlіtudеѕ bеtwееn Rерublісаn Bеn Cаrѕоn аnd Dеmосrаt Mаxіnе Wаtеrѕ аrе thаt thе twо аrе unmіѕtаkаblе Afrісаn-Amеrісаn роlіtісаl ріоnееrѕ. Bеѕіdе thіѕ, thе twо соuldn’t bе аnу more еxtrаоrdіnаrу.Generally, Bеn Carson аttеmрtѕ hіѕ bеѕt tо disregard Wаtеrѕ аѕ wеll аѕ саn be expected, notwithstanding hеr ѕtеаdу аѕѕаultѕ аgаіnѕt thе Secretary оf Hоuѕіng аnd Urbаn

[ad_1] Patriots across the country have been preaching about how the media has been lying to us about this hacking since their nonsense started.We now have MORE evidence to confirm what we already knew–there was no Russian hack.Obviously, the Left was banking on Hillary Clinton to win the election. No liberal in a MILLION years