Panasonic announces the new range of LED 4K 2018 LED TVs with improved performance and slim, glass-fired design

Panasonic's emblem, the FX780 and FX740, are distinguished by "Art & Interior" frames inspired by the recently announced OLEDs of the company, the FZ950 and the FZ800. In addition to the 4K LED series, two additional series, the FX600 and the FX700, come with stylish and supple models featuring premium materials and improved aesthetics

The LED TV series is now fully equipped with 4K HDR screens. All Panasonic TV 2018 screens are compatible with HDR technology, covering HDR10, HLG, and new HDR10 + dynamic metadata technology

To meet the demands of video game enthusiasts, the 2018 LED panels feature a Game Mode 4K, which promises the fastest response time ever offered by Panasonic

Panasonic will deliver a firmware update for all OLED and LCD 4K models in 2018 to ensure compatibility with the most popular voice assistant applications

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