Panasonic launches HD605N, wireless headphones with noise canceling technology

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The Panasonic HD605N is a pair of wireless headphones for music enthusiasts with an adaptive background noise cancellation function, adjustable to three levels of intensity

Available in black or orange colors, the headphones have an ergonomic design with a 3D spherical joint structure and foam foam with 3D memory for added comfort. The connection can be made via both Bluetooth and wired interface for devices that do not support wireless technology.

The headphones also include a feedforward system that positions the microphone outside the casing and a feedback system is positioned on the driver for to be as close as possible to the tympanum. This system processes the cancellation signals to obtain a broadband coverage, more efficient in canceling the ambient noise.

Useful when we need to hear what's happening around us , the ambient sound function allows you to pick up the external sound using the built-in microphone and amplify it in the audio headset. This function can be useful, for example, when you are preparing to cross the street and need to hear the possible approach of a vehicle.

Designed to be comfortable for any user, the 268 grams headphones allow for optimal positioning

The Panasonic HD605N headphones promise about 20 hours of continuous playback with the activated noise canceling function. With fast charging, with a 15-minute charging time, we can get up to 120 minutes of extra playback time. The total load time does not exceed 4 hours. The package also includes a carrying case, USB cable and removable cable for analogue connection

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