Password Gorilla (Linux) for download – Linux Software

Password Gorilla is an open source, cross-platform and free software designed to help you manage your login information.It stores all your usernames and passwords, as well as login and password information. other notes, in an encrypted secure file. Only one master password is used to protect the file. In this way, you only need to remember this unique password.

If you want to connect to a service or website, Password Gorilla copies your username and password for the password. clipboard, so you can easily paste it into your web browser or another application. Because the password is not displayed on the screen, Password Gorilla is safe to use even in the presence of other people.

The convenience of Password Gorilla allows you to choose different passwords , non-intuitive for each use. A built-in random password generator can help you create passwords based on constraints such as the number of letters, the use of numbers, and so on.

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