Patch My PC is a special maintenance application with update feature, uninstaller tools and startup manager capabilities. This Free application also provides scheduling functionality. Portable SoftwareKeeping up on software installed on Windows is not a simple process if you have more than one installed on your computer. Manual update is a time-consuming process, though it's important to implement it.

Can this be automated?

The process is happily automated for the task as an ideal companion for Patch My PC . No need to install, only administrator privileges are required to start. The user interface itself is very simple and can be categorized by features that can be viewed through the available options. Lists available software installed, and you can update them by clicking on one click. If you do not want to do this manually every time, use the timer feature.

Patch My PC Other Features:

Other Patch My PC's features include some useful features including a startup manager, which can be easily viewed with it a list of automatically-started software, which can be configured to make booting much faster. It also has a uninstaller feature, which you can take farewell to using your unnecessary applications without any serious knowledge. It is able to keep up to date with Windows. If you want to know more about Patch My PC here you can read it

It supports a wealth of popular software, including: CCleaner VLC Media Player Google Chrome ...

Overall, Patch My PC is a very useful service that keeps installed software up to date. the process supports timely, basic maintenance functions. You do not have to install it, just run it. Automate these processes, save you a lot of time

Patch My PC Summary:

  • Application Update Search Software
  • Do not Need to Install Portable Version
  • Simple Operation
  • interface
  • maintenance function
  • startup manager
  • time-consuming processes
  • Official page for
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