Patent shows keyboard without keys of Apple

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Patent shows keyboard without keys from Apple. The US Patent and Trademark Office recently published new documents on a patent application by Apple. The iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino introduces a keypad that gives haptic feedback and reacts to pressure. Apparently, the device with MacBooks, iMacs but also iPads work together.

All patent applications of Apple are to be enjoyed with caution. They show what ideas the employees of the company are developing. But not in every case, this results in a finished product. Nevertheless, it is often interesting to observe the ideas. So also in this case with the keyboard without keys, which under the number 20180074694 is led. Apple filed the patent application on August 31, 2017.

Input device that responds to printing

The input device described by Apple has a case with a surface on which icons can be displayed. Overall, it contains three pressure-sensitive levels. The top is divided into areas, as you probably know it from conventional keyboards (numeric keypad, function keys, etc.). It reacts to pressure.

Below this is a second level, in which areas are also delimited that react to pressure. Presumably, the underlying level will only be triggered if you put more pressure. Comparable to Apple’s Force Touch features on the iPhone.

There is also a connecting layer, which recognizes input from the first level and maps it to the second level area.

More flexibility for Modern Systems

Apple, in its description of the patent idea, emphasizes that conventional input devices are not flexible enough to work with modern devices and systems.

Similar to Apple’s Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro Such keyboard without keys show context-sensitive always the correct controls. Also, there would be only one device that could be used in all languages.

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