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Cleaning a computer is quite easy

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Free PC Cleaners eliminate garbage on your hard drive and SSD. While you do not have to wait for spring to clean up, but if you've got your home, car, and garden spiked, you'll be pleased to see how easy PC cleaning with CCleaner & Co. is.

                Cleanup Tools for Windows: Download CCleaner & Co.

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Spring cleaning for Windows is not necessary in theory. Although garbage already arises when you turn on the computer and who sits a lot on the box, accumulates more and more of it. That should not slow down Windows, however, because the operating system tries with all sorts of tricks to keep the PC afloat. But that does not always work, as you can tell by the fact that the box is simply not in good shape as after the reinstallation.

A second reason why cleaning up Windows sometimes makes sense is the waste of space due to unused data, which is annoying, especially on SSDs. Do not let it go so far that the storage space runs out or Windows becomes unusable. The CCleaner manages quickly and with a few mouse clicks, detects temporary files, removes traces of wear while surfing and knows the data ballast of common applications, such as Office or VLC media player.

                Create space on SSD and hard drive

A warning in advance: So that PC cleaning does not end in chaos, you should definitely have a fresh backup. CCleaner does his work mostly without side effects, but not always. Recommended, free backup solutions can be found at CHIP at this point.

Once you've done that, start CCleaner, which takes you right to its heart, cleaning up Windows. Here you can specify with a ticked checkbox which accrued data from Internet and Windows Explorer as well as other system components are to be included in the cleaning process. You can also use the default selection and immediately click on "Analyze". Under the Applications tab, CCleaner shows what he can find on the installed tools.

Here you should be careful: For example, you can also delete saved form data in Firefox. But those who use the automatic filling of web forms, should not do that. If you do not want to invest too much time, you should leave the item "Advanced" untouched. CCleaner shows after a short run how much space it can free up. Clicking on "Start CCleaner" starts cleaning.

            Caution: For operations in the registry, make sure to save the backup first
                Screenshot: CHIP

                Beware of the registry

Most errors with CCleaner do not arise when deleting temporary files, but when optimizing the registry. Clicking on "Search for errors" will give you a lot of problems that you can fix. But that usually does not increase speed. Our tip: Save yourself cleaning the registry. But if it itches in your fingers, not only click "fix bugs", but also let the changes to the registry secure. Then CCleaner gives you the opportunity to fix or skip each entry individually. It's quicker if you click on "Fix all".

Note: Changing the registry is a deep intrusion into the system and can cause serious problems. These often show up only after a reboot, which is why you should cancel the backups for some time. If you find difficulties, double-click on the created backup file. This will cause the deleted information to be written back to the registry.

            Extension: CCEnhancer brings CCleaner more features.
                Screenshot: CHIP

                Expand CCleaner

CCleaner is the most popular tuning tool at CHIP Online. If you do not have enough of the extensive functions of CCleaner, you can add another 1.000 with CCEnhancer. The setup is simple: start CCEnhancer and then click on the button "Download Latest". CCEnhancer then fetches the latest configuration file.

Then start CCleaner via CCEnhancer. Then you can use CCleaner as usual, but with advanced features. If you want to use CCEnhancer in German, click on "Settings" and set "Language" to "German". A sensible setting is the auto-update. In the "Settings" tab under "Options", check the entry "Update on Windows startup". If you want to get rid of CCEnhancer, just remove the portable tool, an explicit uninstall is not necessary.

                Use CCleaner Extras

CCleaner offers some tools under "Extras" that are worth a visit. For example, you can see the installed programs under "Uninstall" and can empty those that you no longer use. This saves storage space and increases security. Even with "Autostarts" you can briefly review what starts automatically with Windows. Do not spend too much time there, tuning usually does not do much. More rewarding is already the section "Browser Plugins", through which you can manage the extensions of Firefox and Chrome.

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            Caution: BleachBit warns users against unwanted effects.
                Screenshot: CHIP

                Open Source Alternative BleachBit

It does not always have to be CCleaner. He is the most popular with our readers and we think he does his job the best, but BleachBit is worth a look as well. The opensource tool is also available in a portable version. What is done well here: There is neither a preselection nor an automatic search. Users have to choose which areas they want to clean.

This is more laborious, but minimizes mistakes. Nevertheless, you should also make a backup before using BleachBit. Beautifully solved, BleachBit warns against unwanted delete actions, such as when you want to empty the password memory of Firefox. Click on "Preview" to optimize. BleachBit lolls longer than CCleaner, but then shows you how much space you can save. This is done by clicking on "clean up".

BleachBit has also included a file shredder for secure deletion. You can specifically let go to files and directories or run over already shared memory. A visit is worth the "Settings" under "Edit". In the "General" tab you should enable the "Cleaning settings of the community". BleachBit then gets much more like CCEnhancer on CCleaner makes even broader program support.

Now you've got the cleaning fever? In our photo gallery, we'll show you 25 other ideas on how to best clean up Windows, Android, iOS, and web services.

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