Personal Photo Gifts by Pixum – Step by Step

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Every year in May millions of children, big or small, face the big question: What do I give my mother for Mother’s Day? It should be creative, heartfelt and personal. Not such an easy task. If you do not have a clue what to make your mother happy on May 13th, then visit There you will find plenty of inspiration for photo gifts that come from the heart.The Best Photos in a Book

Experience shows that photobooks with pictures of children and grandchildren are particularly good. After all, parents and grandparents have something of this gift for the whole year. At Pixum, you create such a photo book in all conceivable sizes and shapes in just a few steps. No matter if directly online at, with the Pixum Fotowelt software, which you can download free of charge, or via app on your tablet or smartphone. Such Pixum photo books are great memories that you still enjoy picking up after many years.

Mug cake with own photo

Also Pixum murals with family portraits are gifts that are guaranteed to arrive better than flowers or a box of chocolates. At Pixum you have the choice between various materials and sizes. Our tip: Portrait portraits are especially good on canvas!

In the themed world for Mother’s Day, Pixum does not just present suitable photo subjects such as photo pillows or glass photos. Instead, you’ll also find videos with suggestions on how to surprise your mother with a personalized gift with the help of photo presenters. How about a mug cake with your own photo? Choose a beautiful photo for the Pixum photo mug and order it directly from Pixum. Then bake a Mother’s Day cake and present it in the cup. Of course, the matching recipe is also available from Pixum.

For those in a hurry: Pixum’s delivery promise

Do not worry, you still have time to prepare an individual gift, thanks to Pixum’s delivery promise for Mother’s Day! Refined photo books on photo paper can be ordered until 4. 5. so that the present is guaranteed to be on time, photo books on premium paper without finishing even have until 8. 5. time. All deadlines for individual gifts can be found here.

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